Head & Heart NFL Draft Live Blog

Last night was the First Round of the NFL Draft. We at Head & Heart Sports decided that it was a good opportunity for our first live blog. We hope you enjoy our rapid reactions, hometown biases, and instant analysis on how the draft went down.

Nick Bair: Best dressed?

Randy Haines: I’m feeling Tunsil’s chains.

Jordan Curet: Who are these investment bankers talking on the pre-draft show? (Goff and Wentz)

Sean Demetrakis: Ezekiel Elliott Crop-Top

NB: +1

RH: There’s no chance the Rams take Wentz right? I’ve already read wayyyy too much about North Dakota to go back now.

NB: Goff looks like a prototypical Eagles baby-faced QB like Bradford, Foles, Sanchez…

JC: They do have a type don’t they?

RH: North Dakota is the better Dakota at least right?

JC: How long are the boos for the Commish? Over/under 1 minute?

RH: Over/under 3.5 beer bottles thrown at him?

SD: Longest hug with the Commish this year?

RH: “St. Louis you can still root for your ball club” – Berman. That’s just mean.

NB: Really twisting the knife.

JC: What the heck are Gruden’s eyebrows doing?


NB: Draft parties in LA? They had to have planted those people.

JC: That’s a lot of cheers for the Commish….I’m disappointed.

NB: Midwesterners are way too polite.

JC: Already best update of the night courtesy of Bleacher Report: “Projected Top-10 Pick Laremy Tunsil Smoking Out of Gas Mask Tweeted from His Account”. Also, where did he get a gas mask?

NB: Will Hack be a 1st round pick? That’s what I care most about.

SD: Yes. Denver will take a chance on him. They can’t get anyone else.

JC: Keep dreaming.

NB: Sean read my preview (thumbs up emoji).

RH: Do we have Nick’s emergency contact list in case Hack does go in the 1st?

NB: You will only need it if the Ravens take him.

RH: Of course the Rams are taking all 10 minutes.

SD: They are going to fool the Eagles here and take Wentz.

RH: Don’t say that.

Pick #1      Los Angeles Rams (acquired from Tennessee) – Jared Goff, QB, Cal

NB: Goff to Gurley. That is all he needs to do next year.

JC: I was more excited about the boos. But okay, now we can keep moving along to get to the picks we don’t already know about.

RH: Kyle Boller reference for Nick and Sean.

SD: That’s our guy (monkey face).

NB: Did you guys know this is the last time LA will be on the clock until Saturday?

RH: Ok. I’m ready to do this. Carson Wentz is going to be the QB of my football team. I can do this.

Pick #2      Philadelphia Eagles (acquired from Cleveland) – Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State

NB: Randy hits add to cart on NFL Shop in 3…2…1…

JC: Looking forward to seeing how they ruin him.

RH: Let’s do this Carson!

SD: It’s going to be fun having the pleasure of trolling Randy for the next 5 years while they try this Carson Wentz experiment out.

RH: And I’m done buying Eagles jerseys. My therapist said it’s for the best.

NB: FLACCOOOO highlight.

JC: Is there room in the league for two guys named “Carson”?

NB: It’s probably the reason the Rams didn’t move to the Carson site in LA.

RH: Ok now the draft really starts, I had the Chargers taking Tunsil. Also, Nick and I’s mock is 2 for 2 so far. WE. WON’T. STOP.

JC: You and everyone else in the entire U.S.

SD: Wentz already releasing commercials for Tide.

RH: Half an hour to make two picks. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Pick #3      San Diego Chargers – Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State

NB: Moving from Ohio to San Diego has to be the biggest upgrade in quality of life for anyone in this draft.

RH: Just got an “ugh” text from a friend who’s a Chargers fan.

SD: 2 for 3…

NB: Randy made the odd picks for the record…

RH: They really needed O-line help.

NB: If Dallas gets Ramsey now, it might be a 3 man blog the rest of the evening.

RH: That’s a fact. Who has my emergency contact list?

SD: Not anyone in this blog.

JC: Do we care if San Diego moves? Does anyone in San Diego care if the Chargers move?

SD: Randy, since you are going to be in the market for a new TV in about 2 minutes, what kind of TV are you going to get? Upgrade to UltraHD?

RH: One that’s shatter proof.

JC: Mel Kiper getting called out on live television. Awesome.

Pick #4      Dallas Cowboys – Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State


SD: Jalen to the Yags!

NB: Jalen to the Ravens?!?

RH: My TV is saved!

RH: They have above average RB’s already in place and have invested boat loads of picks and money on their o line. Their defense has been historically bad the last few years and they take a running back 4th overall. That’s classic Jerry Jones for you.

NB: Above average is a stretch.

SD: Is it weird that I am probably just as excited that the Yags are on the clock now as I will be when the Ravens go on the clock?

JC: Absolutely not, the Yags are your guys. Also, that’s already too many Ohio State guys for me.

RH: Is this where we see our first trade?

Pick #5      Jacksonville Jaguars – Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State

RH: Jags make the right pick. Good for them.

SD: Yags are going to make a playoff push this year…

JC: Do they still have the pool at their stadium? Going to have to try that out when I go there this season to see the Pack play.

RH: Him not having a set position is a problem though, right?

NB: Surprised we haven’t seen any SEC players taken so far.

SD: Now the most important pick of the draft.

RH: Who do you guys want?

NB: Tunsil or Jack.

SD: Tunsil aka JO 2.0 or this Buckner kid.

RH: Gruden is really giving it to Ramsey right now.

SD: They probably had a really hard time finding enough good film to put in that highlight of Ravens together.

RH: Is there anyone you guys don’t want?

NB: Not especially. In Ozzie We Trust.

Pick #6      Baltimore Ravens – Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame

NB: Meh. Fine.


NB: Why not Tunsil?

SD: Because he got high?

RH: I heard someone call Stanley the next Jason Peters. You guys should be happy.

JC: Well maybe your guy Joey Flacco won’t get hurt this season?

NB: I mean he will be a good player, but he doesn’t seem like a Jonny Ogden clone. It’s hard to get excited after the season we just had and not getting an impact skill player.

SD: I would have rather seen us go after one of these pass rushers. Talk about a buzz kill.

RH: If Chip has any say, the Niners won’t take Tunsil. He doesn’t do questionable characters in case you haven’t heard.

RH: They just showed a guy smoking out of a gas mask on TV and now Gruden is going all “get off my lawn” about social media. What a night.

JC: You don’t have to be a “reliable person” to be an NFL player, you have to be good at football. Get off your soapbox Gruden. Let’s not pretend the NFL is representative of high moral character. Props to Bleacher Report getting that story out before the draft started, though.

NB: Warren Sapp and Randy Moss fell in the 1st round for the same issues. Teams tend to overreact and get burned.

Pick #7      San Francisco 49ers – DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon

SD: Go Ducks. Classic Chip Kelly.

NB: Solid pick. This guy has all the measurables. Chip getting an Oregon guy of course.

RH: Chip is back baby!! Quack Quack!

JC: Return of the Quack. I think Chip actually just wants to coach at Oregon again.

SD: Browns trade pick again? Tunsil to the Titans?

TRADE ALERT!! Titans trade up to #8 with the Browns

SD: Don’t worry. Chip will be back in Oregon soon enough after another NFL franchise realizes he’s overrated.

JC: Browns new strategy: take no players so they can’t ruin any of their careers by forcing them go to Cleveland. I think the world is already a better place.

SD: The Hinkie of the NFL. Trade away for as many picks as you can get.

RH: Our guy DePodesta doing some things early.

NB: Jonah Hill and Tunsil would have had a lot in common though…

Pick #8      Tennessee Titans (acquired from Cleveland through Miami via Philadelphia) – Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan St.

SD: WOW. Poor Tunsil.

JC: Well this has finally escalated. Maybe my guy Mariota won’t be hurt all season again. Also, Tunsil clearly needs a better password on his Twitter account. And a less vindictive step dad (allegedly).

RH: Take notes kids. Don’t smoke from a gas mask and then post it on social media 15 minutes before the biggest night of your career.

NB: Sparty Up. Titans got what they needed and got some extra draft picks. They are in great position to rebuild their roster.

RH: Two good friends of mine are Bucs fans, one wants Rankins here and the other wants Joseph.

NB: Randy trying to name drop that he has friends outside of this chat.

TRADE ALERT!! Bears trade up to #9 with the Buccaneers

JC: Bears saying, “Hey, uh, we’ll take Tunsil guys.”

NB: I think Bears are going for a defensive player. Floyd from Georgia has been rising up draft boards. Wouldn’t shock me.

JC: Bears need a little bit of everything, so I wouldn’t be shocked about anything.

SD: Da Bears are going D here

RH: Would’ve loved to hear the crowd when that trade was announced

JC: You guys ever notice that Goodell isn’t really that great of a public speaker? Like he has a hard time reading the cue cards.

NB: On queue he messes up the intro of the youths.

Pick #9       Chicago Bears (acquired from Tampa Bay) – Leonard Floyd, LB, Georgia

NB: Called it!

JC: What a dawg. Also, the 13 year old in the crowd making a face that says, “Hmm, yeah, okay, okay, I can see how you selected him.” What a time to be alive.

RH: It’s not good when you trade up to #9 for a guy and the first thing they say on TV is a question about his ability to maintain weight.

NB: Why did he wear #84 as a linebacker? That just bothers me.

RH: Boooo G-men.

NB: They have a lot of needs. If they don’t want Tunsil, they should draft someone on the defensive side of the ball.

RH: Their defense the last two seasons is the worst and third worst in NFL history. They should pick defense.

Pick #10     New York Giants – Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State

NB: I had them going cornerback in our mock draft. Picked the wrong one, but Apple to the Big Apple.

RH: I look forward to Carson Wentz picking this defense apart for the next decade.

SD: The rest of this blog looks forward to Carson Wentz getting picked off by this defense for the next decade. Wentz to Aghol…I mean Eli Apple.

JC: What Sean said.

NB: There might be a lot of Eli to Eli in practice though.

RH: Surprised Tunsil is still sitting in the green room.

JC: When he does walk up on stage eventually, does Goodell suspend him immediately?

Pick #11     Tampa Bay Buccaneers (acquired from Chicago) – Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Florida

NB: Hargreaves was my #2 cornerback after Ramsey. This kid is a gamer.

SD: Hargreaves is a stud. He needs a new haircut though.

RH: First pick Gruden has liked in a while I feel like. Riddick is not a fan.

NB: Amari Cooper did roast him 2 years ago, but Amari Cooper also roasts a lot of people.

RH: Tunsil’s head coach could not look any less confident about what he’s saying. He looks like he’s being questioned about a crime he knows he committed.

JC: Full on damage control mode now. Although, can we believe that in the 21st century you have to do damage control for smoking marijuana at an undisclosed time in the past?

NB: The fact that it happened during your biggest job interview though could have tipped the scales.

Pick #12     New Orleans Saints – Sheldon Rankins, DE, Louisville

RH: Good pick here. Saints need some help on defense bad.

NB: I was hoping they would get Hack as the heir apparent to Brees.

RH: Does it count if Seattle or Denver picks Tunsil?

SD: Saints allowed 5 yards per carry last year. This guy should help big time.

Pick #13     Miami Dolphins (acquired from Philadelphia) – Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss

SD: There you go Tunsil.

RH: Goodell didn’t suspend him yet, did he?

SD: Tunsil is probably thinking “man I can’t wait to get out of this green room and get that gas mask on”.

NB: I really hope Goodell was mic’d up for that conversation on the podium. If Tunsil plays and avoids any off field issues, the Dolphins just got a huge steal at #13.

JC: Speaking of the Dolphins, how long is everyone going to keep waiting for Tannehill to take the next step?

RH: This interview should be interesting.

NB: I’m upset that I’ve heard “hacked” a hundred times tonight and not once has it been about Hackenberg.

SD: Did he just admit to that being him in that picture?

RH: No, he just said “…blessed, I’m blessed”.

SD: Get that guy into some PR classes starting tomorrow at 8am.

Pick #14     Oakland Raiders – Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia

RH: The Raiders have turned into a smart team pretty quickly.

NB: Watch out for the young Raiders. Getting studs on both sides of the ball. Carr, Cooper, Mack, and now Joseph.

JC: And there go the Morgantown couches, up in flames.

NB: Browns go Wide Receiver here? Treadwell?

SD: Coleman? Get a fellow Bear for Josh Gordon.

Pick #15     Cleveland Browns (acquired from Tennessee via Los Angeles) – Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor


RH: Think they’re confident Josh Gordon won’t be back?

NB: The Baylor Browns? RGIII, Gordon, and now Coleman.

JC: They needed a receiver no matter what, good pick for them. Well, they need basically everything, but way to start somewhere.

NB: Lions go WR too? Megatron replacement?

SD: They could use a lot of different positions here.

Pick #16     Detroit Lions – Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State

NB: When did Urban Meyer become the John Calipari of the NFL Draft? He has had more screen time than Berman.

JC: The greasy salesmen of college sports, got to keep their names out there to keep recruiting. Love that OTs are finally getting the respect they deserve the last few years with these high draft picks. What a concept, protecting the guy who distributes the ball.

RH: Poor Detroit.

SD: Jordan, how excited are you for your team’s pick here at 17?

JC: I’ve realized since being here that there are like five actual fans of Atlanta sports living in Atlanta. Basically everyone else is just going to the games to see the other team and only cares about the college sports.

Pick #17      Atlanta Falcons – Keanu Neal, S, Florida

SD: The next Matt Elam??

JC: Another team that has had a rough time on the defensive side of the ball. At least people are trying to address obvious issues. Great name as well. Also, sidenote, Tunsil is having some real social media issues and needs to rethink his passwords.

NB: If Ohio State is the big winner so far, Ole Miss has to be the big letdown. At one point, Tunsil, Treadwell, and Nkemdiche were all seen as Top 10 picks. So far only one has been selected, and that was the much beguiled Tunsil.

RH: Every potential draft pick will change their social media passwords on draft day now.

NB: If Myles Jack falls to the Ravens in Round 2, all will be well.

RH: You have to feel for Jack.

SD: Everyone taking the points on Jack. Someone needs to go for two on that guy.

RH: Tunsil’s gas mask pic did save him a lot of camera time looking sad though so he’s got that going of him.

Pick #18      Indianapolis Colts – Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama

RH: Andrew Luck’s spleen and the Colts running backs are happy.

JC: Hopefully the Colts haven’t already allowed Luck to be permanently injured so this pick matters.

NB: Safe pick. But the Colts still have a lot of needs to fill.

SD: Hack to the Bills?

RH: The Bills have made stranger first round QB picks.

JC: Jack to the Pack. Make it happen.

Pick #19      Buffalo Bills – Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson

NB: Buffalo, the Clemson of the North.

RH: Very Rexy pick.

JC: Rex, apparently, “We’re going to just keep blitzing!!!”

NB: These highlights of Stanley owning Lawson.

SD: Ronnie. Stanley.

RH: Nowwww you guys love him.

NB: We aren’t that hard to convince.

JC: Gruden really has been on a bit of a hate streak tonight.


RH: The Jets pick just doesn’t feel the same in Chicago.

Pick #20      New York Jets – Darron Lee, LB, Ohio State

SD: Another Ohio State guy. Sigh.

RH: They couldn’t take Lynch. Did you see what that dude was wearing? He looks like the guy scalping tickets outside of Metlife.

JC: He LOOKED like he played at Memphis. Good for him for really getting into it.

NB: Eight straight years the Jets have gone Defense in the 1st Round.

RH: You’re not really selling Memphis on me if that’s the case.

NB: Skins thinking WR? More defense?

TRADE ALERT!! Texans trade up to #21 with Washington

Pick #21      Houston Texans (via Washington) – Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame

RH: Here comes the rest of the wide receivers.

NB: Didn’t this guy get shut down by my guy Mackensie Alexander in the Clemson game? Why is Alexander still on the board? Don’t let Pittsburgh grab him.

RH: Will you be in the market for a TV if that happens?

NB: I’m hoping he keeps falling to early round 2, maybe pick #36 to the Ravens?

Pick #22      Washington Redskins (Via Houston) – Josh Doctson, WR, TCU

NB: Randy can’t be happy about this.

RH: Washington just picked up my favorite receiver in the draft. I liked it way better when they didn’t have a competent general manager.

SD: Go frogs.

NB: The black and purple looks fresh.

RH: Did Treadwell have a gas mask video also? Why is he falling all of the sudden?

NB: He had a slow 40 time. But so did Jerry Rice and Deandre Hopkins.

SD: He could go here to the Vikings to play opposite of my guy Diggs.

Pick #23      Minnesota Vikings – Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss


NB: Treadwell could follow in the footsteps of Carter and Moss. Teddy Bridgewater must be happy tonight.

RH: Yeah can’t complain if you’re a Vikings fan. Also Riddick is throwing cold water on a lot of these picks.

NB:  Besides Denver, I don’t see another team left on the board with a QB need. Will we see a 3rd QB picked tonight?

RH: I think you’ll see a team jump up into one of those last few spots and grab one. Dallas, Cleveland, Niners, Jets or New Orleans.

Pick #24      Cincinnati Bengals – William Jackson III, CB, Houston

NB: Poor AJ Green.

RH: Interesting. Jackson will probably be good, but it’s hard to pass up a receiver here if I’m Cincy.

JC: Best player available? Or just thinking they need more help on defense?

SD: Bengals needed help at DB and WR. Not a bad pick for them.

Pick #25      Pittsburgh Steelers – Artie Burns, CB, Miami

NB: That is their number one need. They had to take a Cornerback. Happy it’s not Alexander. The U has a history of producing quality NFL secondary players though.

RH: They also did not take long to make that pick.

TRADE ALERT!! Broncos trade up to #26 with the Seahawks

SD: Paxton Lynch getting ready to come off the board.

NB: ….or Hack???

RH: Here’s your third quarterback. Sam Bradford sighs.

JC: Hey Randy, is Sam going to show up to Philly at all? Or is he just going to take this season off?

RH: If he wants to collect his game checks this fall, he’ll show up.

Pick #26      Denver Broncos (via Seattle) – Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis

RH: Mark Sanchez the Broncos opening day starter?!?!?!?!

NB: Is Tebow available?

JC: Bring back Tebowwwww.


JC: They needed a ticket scalper in Denver.

RH: Who do your guys in Green Bay take here Jordan?

SD: I can see Myles Jack going off the board to the Pack.

JC: They’re going Jack.

Pick #27      Green Bay Packers – Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA

NB: Right school, wrong guy. I think Clark stole Sean’s prom tuxedo.

JC: That works, too. Defense is good for us.

RH: Jack can’t fall out of Round One right? Or does Seattle get him and take over the world?

JC: The Pack love the California guys. As long as this guy can jam up the run, I’ll be happy.

RH: Even Arizona or Carolina could take him and then never give up a point again.

TRADE ALERT!! 49ers trade up to #28 with the Chiefs

NB: Quarterback? What does Chip have up his sleeve?

RH: Chip is alive and well in the bay.

Pick #28      San Francisco (via Kansas City) – Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford

NB: Uh. Ok. I guess.

SD: Huh? They traded up for a guard?

RH: Is it possible they turned the wrong player card in? Has that ever happened before?

JC: Chip Kelly, off to a good (read: strange) start. Might call on some sources tomorrow to get the feeling in SanFran on this pick. Also, the bald 49ers guy reacting like he just saw the hottest girl in high school walk by. Easy man.

RH: That guy is pumped.

SD: Hawks are about to get Jack. Legion of Boom will be initiating a new member next week.

RH: Uh oh Schefty just dropped an “interesting pick” on TV.

Pick #29      Arizona Cardinals – Robert Nkemdiche DT. Ole Miss

NB: GREAT pick. The rich get richer. That defense is absolutely stacked with talent.

RH: Yeah gotta love that pick.

JC: Will not want to play AZ again in any meaningful games this year. That is a scary looking defense. He is rightfully pumped, going to a contender.

NB: Maybe I’m missing something, but what did Nkemdiche do to lose trust? At least on the field like Gruden says? His highlights look pretty vicious to me.

JC: BREAKING NEWS. VIEWS FROM THE 6 HAS DROPPED (Edit: Now just called “views”). That is all. Let’s get back to the Draft.

Pick #30      Carolina Panthers – Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech

NB: Do the Panthers need a DT? I thought their D-line was stacked?

RH: I didn’t think so. Shocked they didn’t go corner.

NB: Clearly they don’t have cornerback has a high value position. Who are we to argue with a team that lost two games last season?

JC: Well, I feel like we can be justified in expressing a little doubt when they just let one of the best corners in the game walk for nothing and didn’t move to replace him with their best pick.

Pick #31      Seattle Seahawks (via Denver) – Germain Ifedi OT, Texas A&M

NB: Sure, why not.

RH: Solid pick to end the night.

JC: Lessons we can take away from the night: (a) make sure your password is not 123456; (b) gas masks do always look cool; and (c) I know nothing about who the Pack want to pick.

SD: (d) Always take the points.

NB: (e) Hack will have a chip on his shoulder from all the teams that passed on him.

RH: (f) United States of Wentz!

NB: -_____-

JC: -_____-

SD: -_____-


Photo Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports (Kamil Krzaczynski)


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