A Plea to Odell Beckham Jr.

There are reports that New York Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is dating Khloe Kardashian. Say it isn’t so.

Odell. Please think hard about this decision. You have had the greatest start to a career of any wide receiver in NFL history. You have the greatest catch of all time. Do not ruin your career just as you hit your prime. Look what has happened to her past lovers. James Harden went from second in the MVP voting and leading his team to the Conference Finals to now being the laughingstock of the NBA. Lamar Odom went from an NBA Champion to his deathbed! I know we can not just blame Khloe for this, but the circumstances are not great. I will not even go into the other athletes that the rest of her family has ruined (Reggie, Kris, and allegedly Juice).

Odell. You are already famous enough. You were on the cover of Madden. You are in commercials for Head & Shoulders, Lenovo, and Nike. You play in New York, the biggest media market in the country. You were even mentioned on a Kanye West verse. You have already made it. You do not need the Kardashian bump. Please do not ruin your career.

You have a chance to become the next Jerry Rice. Do not become the next Andre Rison. Please Odell, think long and hard about this and end it while you still can.

-Nick Bair

Photo Credit: Associated Press



One thought on “A Plea to Odell Beckham Jr.”

  1. AMEN!! I hope his family intervenes. Nfl too. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They(Kardashian’s) are only revelent because teenagers follow them. How do they have SO CALLED millions of followers and only get BARELY 2 million viewers to watch their TRASHY REALITY SHOW. If TRUE, Hopefully she’ll be booed out of NFL stadium same as NBA fan’s booed her and Kendall at the Clippers game. #NFLDRAMAFREE


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