AFC Week 2 Hot Takes

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: Man, Rex fired Greg Roman right after the team photo? That’s cold. And not really a good decision either, considering the offense managed to put up 31 points against the Jets, who have one of the league’s better defenses. You know what the problem might have been? The Bill’s defense gave up 37 to Ryan Fitzpatrick and Co. Seems like the Ryan Bros. might have lost their touch. And if there isn’t any improvement soon? I think we’d be looking at our first coach pink slip of the year. With the Cardinals and Patriots next up, Rex ought to start touching up his resume. – Jordan Curet

Miami Dolphins: There was some buzz after Week 1 that the Dolphins defense might be a legit unit. That buzz didn’t last long, Jimmy Garoppolo carved up Miami in the first half and the Patriots lead this one 31-3 halfway through the third quarter. Some junk time scoring made this game look closer than it really was. After opening at Seattle and New England, the Dolphins home opener against Cleveland is much more friendly of a game and just what the doctor ordered for Adam Gase and company. – Randy Haines

New England Patriots: Before Jimmy G’s injury, the Patriots looked borderline unstoppable and were humming on both sides of the ball. While they let up a little bit later in the game, they were still able to get a win to go to 2-0 during the Brady suspension. They have set themselves up nicely to make another deep run in the playoffs, but the next two games are concerning if rookie Jacoby Brissett has to lead them, especially Thursday against an imposing Texans’ defense. Expect Belichick to have a few tricks up his sleeves, but don’t anticipate the Pats getting to 3-0. – Nick Bair

New York Jets: The Jets picked up a huge road division win on a short week against the terrible Bills. If third year receiver and this week’s hot add on your fantasy waiver wire Quincy Enunwa turns out to be as good as he’s shown over the first two weeks, the Jets may have the best trio of wideouts in the league. The Jets almost need him to be for real as Ryan Fitzpatrick looked as inaccurate as ever on Thursday. Give him the receivers the Bills through out there Thursday night and you would see a much worse stat line for Fitzy. The Jets travel to Kansas City in Week 3, another tough early season game for this club. – RH

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: A win is a win. It was ugly and the early game big plays were mostly inexcusable, but it was good to see the team fight back and pull out a win. This is the type of game the Ravens kept losing last year, so it’s nice to seem on the other side of the table this year. Big props to the very veteran pass catchers Steve Smith Sr, Mike Wallace, and early comeback player of the year candidate Dennis Pitta. – NB

Cincinnati Bengals: The rematch against Pittsburgh was more calm than many anticipated. No ejections in this one, and only one personal foul penalty all game. Cincinnati has to be worried about their offensive line going forward as they have failed to establish any kind of run game so far this season. With Pittsburgh and Baltimore both off to 2-0 starts this season, the Bengals could be playing catch up in the division quickly if they can’t figure out their issues up front. – RH

Cleveland Browns: The Browns wanted to tank this season and yet, for a half, it was all positives as they dominated the Ravens. Josh McCown was a good quarterback, Corey Coleman showed why he was a first round pick, and Isaiah Crowell clowned the whole defense on an 85-yard TD run. Then everyone remembered they were in Cleveland and they’ve already had nice things this year, so McCown got hurt and everything fell apart ending in a loss. Good news though, still on track for that number one pick. – JC

Pittsburgh Steelers: It wasn’t the prettiest game, but that was a big win for Pittsburgh. Beating the top divisional rival puts them in great early season position in the AFC North. I was really impressed with the Steelers’ defense who repeatedly shut down the Bengals in the red zone and never let the Bengals’ get close enough for a comeback. They should continue rolling this week in the Battle of Pennsylvania against the Eagles. I imagine the defense wants to make a statement against rookie QB Carson Wentz. – NB

AFC South

Houston Texans: The Texans are for real!! Houston looks great on both sides of the ball so far and Brock Osweiler has shown how successful a quarterback can be with Bill O’Brien as long as your name isn’t Brian Hoyer. Before the season started, the Texans caught a break for their Week 3 matchup against New England when Tom Brady’s suspension was upheld. Now they receive another break as it appears rookie third round pick Jacoby Brissett will be under center for the Patriots this week for the injured Jimmy Garoppolo. The Texans already have that early season feel of a team that will be catching a lot of breaks throughout the year. – RH

Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck didn’t quite play as well as Week 1, but it might help if the Colts look into doubling Von Miller maybe? Denver put up 34 points, most of which came on special teams and defense so the Colts defense was semi-competent this week. Too bad it was against a guy that most the league didn’t know existed prior to the season. All in all, nothing really to see here, folks, move along. I still vote we pass a national referendum to save Luck from this sad state of affairs. – JC

Jacksonville Jaguars: New year, same old Jaguars. Why do we keep buying into this team as a breakout candidate? Blake Bortles is not a good NFL quarterback and it would be nice if my guy Allen Robinson showed up in games this year before the 4th quarter. Could Gus Bradley be the first coached fired this year? Potentially, but I know I will eat all of these words immediately when they beat my Ravens next week. – NB

Tennessee Titans: Big road win for the upstart Titans. Even though there was some questionable officiating (I’ll get to that in the Lions’ section in the NFC column), the Titans’ had a great 12 point 4th quarter comeback to give them some early season confidence. Marcus Mariota is blossoming into a star and the defense played pretty well against a good offensive team. Titan Up! – NB

AFC West

Denver Broncos: Two weeks in, two wins, and with every game making me hate myself more for doubting this team can win with basically defense alone. They scored 14 points via Brandon McManus’s leg, another 14 via the defense, and only needed CJ Anderson to score once to ensure they sealed the deal. What a great place to be an okay quarterback. A win next week against the Bengals would go a long way towards making a believer of me. – JC

Kansas City Chiefs: Are the Chiefs just slow starters or are there real problems here? This team could easily be 0-2 and the offense looks a lot worse than last season. Now part of that could be they do not have Jamaal Charles (sorry fantasy players, Spencer Ware is not as good as Charles). It took the Chiefs time to get in a rhythm when Charles went down last season, but you would think some of that would have carried over to this season. Andy Reid and company need to turn this around sooner rather than later, the AFC would appear to be slightly stronger than last season when Kansas City won their final 10 games on the way to the playoffs. – RH

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders giveth, the Raiders taketh away. After everyone jumped on their bandwagon last week, they turn around and lose a game at home to a very pedestrian Falcons team. Their defense might not nearly be a good as we thought they could be and that could really hold them back this year. Also, please give Latavius Murray more than eight carries behind that beefy offensive line. – NB

San Diego Chargers: I apologize to all 47 Chargers fans out there, I did not see this one coming. I thought after their collapse against Kansas City last week their season was over, and it still might be. However I did not think they had the capability of blowing out any team in the league like they did on Sunday. The bad news here is the Chargers appear to have lost another offensive weapon this week in running back Danny Woodhead, but give Philip Rivers and his pals credit, they did not let this injury set them back. – RH

-Nick Bair, Jordan Curet, and Randy Haines

Photo Credit: USA Today


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