NFC Week 2 Hot Takes

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: That was a really solid, much needed win for Dallas. Dak Prescott may not be the long term answer in Big D that many predicted, but he is definitely the best backup quarterback they’ve had in recent years. The defense is still really bad however and if Kirk Cousins wasn’t flaming hot garbage they may have very well lost this game. All in all it’s a nice division road win for the Cowboys. – Randy Haines

New York Giants: Two weeks, two wins for the Giants. This was a strangely low scoring affair and New York’s defense did an admirable job holding Drew Brees and his receivers in check (to the detriment of my fantasy teams). That side of the ball may actually end up being as improved as advertized, which would mean Eli has to do less this season for them to find success. If the Giants can take care of business against the Redskins this coming weekend, that will go a long way towards solidifying the hierarchy in the NFC East, with the Giants on top next to the Eagles and if I had to pick I’m going with the veteran Giants.  – Jordan Curet

Philadelphia Eagles: Where do I even start? Jim Schwartz has the defense flying around beautifully, Doug Pederson is going for it on fourth down in all the correct spots and oh yeah Carson Wentz looks to be the real bleeping deal. I’m treading lightly however as Eagles fans know we aren’t actually allowed to have nice things for very long, but you can’t not be excited about this football team. – RH

Washington Redskins: LOLOLOL. Man, this team does not disappoint. It only took two games, and there is already infighting in the locker room and players calling out the overrated Kirk Cousins. This franchise is a dumpster fire that occasionally has a few wins fall into it. Fans should know by now to not get sucked into their offseason hype and just assume the worst. I can’t wait for Odell Beckham to score 5 TDs on Josh Norman next week. – Nick Bair

NFC North

Chicago Bears: Bring back Robbie Gould! The Bears had a pretty uninspiring MNF performance this week and Jay Cutler looks like he just doesn’t care (even more than usual). The secondary is godawful, letting rookie future Hall of Famer and President of the United States (according to Randy) Carson Wentz throw all over them. Their best defense was letting the Eagles’ receivers drop the ball. Also, Alshon needs more than 7 targets, get that man the ball. – NB

Detroit Lions: Just when we start buying into the Lions, they lose a game at home to the team with the worst record in the NFL last year. Honestly, they played well enough and the officials REALLY hurt their chances in a close game. This will definitely be a game they regret blowing, but I still think they will be in the playoff mix later this season, in what could be a more wide open NFC North as the Packers struggle. – NB

Green Bay Packers: NO NO NO NO. What the heck was that? Sam Shields’ concussion-led absence was and will be a bigger problem going forward than Packers’ fans realized given Diggs looked like Antonio Brown Sunday night. On the plus side, the run defense was excellent. Maybe Green Bay can’t put them both together in the same year. Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson still aren’t on the same page, Davante Adams went back to being mostly garbage, and Randall Cobb took a beating. All of that can get better if any of the younger receivers step up and Jordy keeps improving. Otherwise, this will be a long, long year.  – JC

Minnesota Vikings: Sleevie Wonder!! At least for one night, Sam Bradford looked like he can be exactly what the Vikings need and possibly even more. Bradford helped prove to the world Sunday night that the Vikings division title last season was no fluke and that they are a legit contender in the NFC. Now everyone will be holding their breath over the next few days about Adrian Peterson’s knee, but early reports indicate that he will be ok eventually. If Bradford can keep connecting with Stefon Diggs on a regular basis it should open up things for a running game that has been non existent through two games as the Minnesota line has been repeatedly blown up so far this season. – RH

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons beat one of the presumed darlings of this NFL season and they did it without an incredible performance by either running back. Matt Ryan was able to lead a shootout and the defense actually took care of business in the fourth quarter to prevent another Raiders last minute win. Most importantly, this offense was more than just chuck the ball to Julio and pray. That is real improvement. Expect another high scoring affair this week against the Saints. – JC

Carolina Panthers: This was a strange game, where at first it looked like the Panthers forgot they were a good team. They basically couldn’t get anything going and made the 49ers look decent. It wasn’t until the third quarter that Carolina put it together and end up with a 21 point lead. This is just not the team from last year, where the defense would have shut down the inferior 49ers from the start. They are lucky to play in a division with the unstable Saints, Falcons, and Bucs, where they should still dominate. – JC

New Orleans Saints: Where was that shootout that everyone was promised this weekend? The Saints offense couldn’t build on their great Week 1 and struggled against a much improved (so far) Giants’ defense. The Saints are now 0-2 after two games that they could have won. This doesn’t bode well for their season and New Orleans will be competitive, but ultimately a below average team in 2016. They do have a chance to turn the offense back around in Week 3 with a tasty MNF matchup at home against another below average NFC South team, the Falcons. – NB

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I believed the Bucs were legit even before the season started and after Week 1, I appeared to be correct. Although I didn’t think Tampa would beat Arizona, I also didn’t think they’d get blown out like they did. The terrible Rams come to town in Week 3 for the team’s home opener in what should be a get right game for both sides of the ball. Please football gods don’t let Jameis become a turnover machine. – RH

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: Everyone can stop panicking. The Cardinals are back after slipping up in Week 1. Carson Palmer looked solid throwing the ball all over the field and the defense made Sunday a living hell for Jameis Winston. Arizona will be fine and, with Seattle’s lackluster start, look to be the clear early favorites in the NFC West. Also, has anyone seen John Brown? Asking for a friend. – NB

Los Angeles Rams: 8 quarters of football, 16 punts, 3 field goals and zero touchdowns. Ladies and gentlemen your 2016 L.A. Rams. Hollywood waited 20 years for a team and were handed the worst on field product that the league has to offer. I do not even care that they won in Week 2, someone seriously needs to rewrite this script because it’s a bad one. – RH

San Francisco 49ers: Not going to get it done through four quarters without getting a few more third down conversions and probably having a bit more talent. At least Torrey Smith woke up and Hyde continued to be a stud. Even the very young defense was impressive initially against Cam, creating an early turnover. This is a team that should, like the Browns, be in rebuild mode, so a loss really is right on schedule. – JC

Seattle Seahawks: No offensive line means you are going to lose to the Rams and are going to have some other strange losses along the way. Without Marshawn Lynch keeping everyone honest and adding some better blocking schemes, this team has a firm ceiling. The offense is just not there, scoring 10 last week and 3 this week. I suppose they can hang their hat on the defense still being there but stopping the Dolphins and the Rams really isn’t anything to write home about. They catch another break with the 49ers this week, but we’ll really learn something when the Falcons come to town in a few weeks. – JC

-Nick Bair, Jordan Curet, and Randy Haines

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