AFC Week 3 Hot Takes

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: So, firing the offensive coordinator fixes everything, huh? Not only did the Bills get a win, but they did it in a convincing manner against the allegedly-good Arizona Cardinals. Shady McCoy returned from the grave and Tyrod Taylor had over 200 all purpose yards. A hot take would be to say that the Bills are going to trounce the Patriots this weekend and finally end whatever voodoo Belichick has cooking. But man, let’s be honest, he sold his soul. At least Rex will keep his job another week! – Jordan Curet

Miami Dolphins: It wasn’t pretty by any means, but the Dolphins will take it. Adam Gase should take Browns kicker Cody Parkey out to dinner in the off season after Parkey (who was just signed on Saturday) missed 3 field goals including one that would have won the game for Cleveland at the end of regulation. Next up for Miami? A trip to Cincy on a short week, that game could get ugly quickly for the Dolphins. – Randy Haines

New England Patriots: Tom who? Jimmy who? Jacoby who? Does it even matter who plays QB for the Pats? As long as they have Belichick, they should be favored in every game they play, especially at home. This team looks very complete and will breeze to the AFC East title. The Patriots continue to play chess, while the rest of the league plays checkers. – Nick Bair

New York Jets: Is it Geno time? Is it Hack time? (Nick Bair applauds) Maybe not just yet, but even the trio of power forwards (Marshall, Decker, Enunwa) the Jets throw out at receiver couldn’t save the ridiculousness that is Ryan Fitzpatrick like they usually do. Seriously 6 interceptions?!?! As someone who went against the Kansas City defense in a fantasy league this weekend I must say I hate you and your stupid beard Fitzy, bring on Geno. – RH

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens keep winning ugly against average at best teams. But you know what? WHO CARES? This team is 3-0 and the best team in the league according to Pro Football Focus so far this year. The defense was a huge question mark coming into the year, but they have played phenomenally thus far. The offense still has some kinks to work out, but I’m willing to be patient as long as they keep pulling out these games. And the special teams unit continues to be the best in the business. – NB

Cincinnati Bengals: The good news for Cincinnati is they finally got their running game going on Sunday and they play Miami at home this Thursday. The bad news for Cincinnati is they really didn’t do anything else well against the Broncos this past weekend. There is still plenty of season left however for the Bengals, plus the Steelers were just blown out by Philadelphia and despite being 3-0 the Ravens opponents so far are a combined 1-8 this season. It is not time to panic in Cincy just yet. – RH

Cleveland Browns: Good news: this was a one o’clock game so you could actively avoid watching this match of who-wanted-it-less. Bad news: for some reason, CBS cut to this game as if OT between the Dolphins and Browns was just what we’d all been missing in our lives. In the end, the Browns continued down their road of not really trying to win successfully, while still letting Terrelle Pryor do a little bit of everything along the way. He is the only remaining ray of sunshine on that team. – JC

Pittsburgh Steelers: What ha-ha-ha-happened? The mighty Steelers got absolutely embarrassed by their cross state rival Philadelphia Eagles. This was one of those games where you saw the score and went WOAH. The defense allowing 34 points to a rookie QB was pretty shocking, but Ben, Antonio, and the offense only scoring 3 points was unbelievable. Look, it’s a long season. Pittsburgh should just burn the tape on this game and move on to Week 4 and the Chiefs. Good news though, Le’veon Bell comes back this Sunday. – NB

AFC South

Houston Texans: The Texans were in a great spot heading into Week 3 and laid a serious egg in Foxborough. Fumbling two kickoffs obviously doesn’t help, but the Patriots may have exposed the fact that Brock Osweiler struggles to see the entire field at times especially between the numbers. Extra rest to play a feisty Titans team at home should help this team get back on track. – RH

Indianapolis Colts: They won! Andrew Luck got banged up, again, but hey the Colts managed to pull it off against the Chargers Sunday. This almost feels like reinforcing bad behavior, though, because the offense still looked out of sorts and the defense wasn’t exactly shutting down a San Diego team missing both Antonio Gates and Keenan Allen. Nevertheless, Luck and Hilton put together late game heroics, so Indy can hang their hat on their ever-injured QB being the man for them, at least for the time being. – JC

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jags gonna Jag. This was definitely a game they could have won. Paul Posluszny and Jalen Ramsey played really on defense and kept the Ravens in check. A Rob got back to doing A Rob things, but unfortunately he was the lone bright spot on offense. The biggest issue? Blake Bortles looks terrible and showed that last season’s stats were probably fool’s gold. But back to Mr. Ramsey… Why would you call out Steve Smith? That doesn’t bode well for you young fella. You better ICE UP if you ever see him again. – NB

Tennessee Titans: The Titans lost a tough one in Nashville to Oakland, but there are definitely some bright spots for this young team. The two headed monster at running back, DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry, looks great as they ran for a combined 159 yards. Also, the defense continued to play very well, and have only allowed 32 points in the last two games against two of the better offenses in football. If they can cut down on the turnovers and avoid going down early in games, I think the Titans can be very competitive sooner than later. – NB

AFC West

Denver Broncos: Here’s a peek behind the scenes – I hate writing this section every week. The Broncos seemingly have no right to be as good as they are and yet…here we are. The defense has consistently bailed them out and Siemian is proving competent, if not spectacular. Somehow, they’ve also gotten through what might be the worst of their schedule already and are probably going to handedly win the AFC West, meaning my completely baseless and irrational dislike of this team is going to last a long time.  – JC

Kansas City Chiefs: That’s the Kansas City team everyone thought we would see in 2016. A soul crushing defensive performance and just enough plays on offense to put the game out of reach. I would love to see Jamaal Charles back in Week 4 when the Chiefs travel to Pittsburgh, but that doesn’t look promising as of right now. -RH

Oakland Raiders: The offense was slowed down for the first time this season, but this was a big bounceback team win for the Raiders. The defense bent, but didn’t break versus the Titans and held strong enough to leave town with a win. If the Raiders want to make a playoff run this year, they need to learn to win back to back games and get out to a hot start. They will have a chance to prove they belong next week against the undefeated Ravens. – NB

San Diego Chargers: A tough loss in a weird game that it seemed neither team really wanted to win that badly. Philip Rivers got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Sunday? When is the last time a quarterback has gotten one of those? In what was a weird game overall, the Chargers did however lose a key player for the season for the third straight week as linebacker Manti Te’o’ suffered an Achilles injury. Hopefully that is not becoming the normal for San Diego. A home game against New Orleans in Week 4 should help things, that is assuming the Chargers can field a team. – RH

-Nick Bair, Jordan Curet, and Randy Haines

Photo Credit: Denver Post


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