NFC Week 6 Hot Takes

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: That’s two extremely impressive wins in a row for Dak and company. With the return of Dez Bryant on the horizon, this looks as if this could be one of the most dangerous teams in the league. The quarterback talk is front and center for this team and rightfully so, but defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli deserves a lot of credit here. Make no mistake, this is not a very talented defense, but they are well coached, rarely making the big mistake, and seem to always be in the right spots. – Randy Haines

New York Giants: OBJ is having fun again, but the rest of the team doesn’t seem to care after Eli and others continue to express frustration with his antics. Personally, I would like if everyone would stop trying to suck the fun out of football. If Odell wants to inherit the primadonna status of our previous great wide receivers, so be it. New York ought to just be happy that they are winning games, in no small part thanks to the receiver himself. – Jordan Curet

Philadelphia Eagles: I am very close to hitting the panic button on this team. The Wentz Wagon is still full speed ahead despite a subpar stat line against Washington in Week 6, but the suspension of tackle Lane Johnson is bigger than most realized. The offense could not get into a rhythm until the second half while trying to figure out a way to make up for Johnson’s absence. Philly’s best run stopper Bennie Logan also left this game with an injury and it really showed in the second half. – RH

Washington Redskins: Four straight wins in the Nation’s Capital. Who would’ve guessed? This may be the biggest of the four wins as it came against a divisional opponent who they are chasing in the standings. Matt Jones and the rest of the running game looked really good and Washington really took advantage of the Eagle’s bad offensive line with the loss of Lane Johnson. They look to continue their hot streak in Detroit this weekend. -Nick Bair

NFC North

Chicago Bears: The Bears dropped to 1-5 after losing to the Jags and their season is basically over. At least they made more of an effort to get Alshon the ball this week (still no TDs though). Cameron Meredith looks like he is a real NFL WR though as he replaces the once again injured Kevin White. Chicago only has a couple days to regroup before they travel North Thursday to play the Packers. – NB

Detroit Lions: Detroit got a big win Sunday over the Rams and now back to .500 at 3-3. Golden Tate finally had a breakout game as he torched the LA secondary. The hot Lions play another hot team at home this Sunday in Washington. Detroit betting keep getting their wins now before they play the Vikings twice in November. – NB

Green Bay Packers: I’m a little worried. Rodgers is not showcasing the consistent brilliance that made him one of the most feared quarterbacks in the league anymore. I have actual thoughts now about whether his magic suddenly ran out, or if he’s just in a really long slump. The offense is a little banged up, but there’s no excuse for failing to score a touchdown until the second half Sunday. It’s enough to want Mike McCarthy gone. On top of all that, Eddie Lacy is likely out a few weeks and the Packers traded for a player. The world is ending.  – JC

Minnesota Vikings: A bye week for the best team through 6 weeks as Sammy Sleeves prepares for his return to the City of Brotherly Love. – RH

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: Calls are missed all the time, but Richard Sherman certainly got away with one at the end to keep the Falcons from rallying. It was a hard fought game and should do nothing to slow the Atlanta-is-for-real train down. Next up in a San Diego team with a penchant for losing games all on their own. They aren’t at risk of being caught by anyone in the division anytime soon in any case. – JC

Carolina Panthers: The bye week did not come soon enough. This is full on downward spiral mode and my guess is no amount of soul searching will redeem this season. The Panthers decision to let Josh Norman go has backfired, Cam Newton missing time was devastating, and their receivers haven’t done enough to get open and keep them in games. It will be tough to watch them keep fighting the rest of the way, but at least it doesn’t look like Denver will get back to the Super Bowl either. – JC

New Orleans Saints: WHO DAT! The bye week did the Saints some good as they came out hot, beating the Panthers in a typical New Orleans shoot out. The defense didn’t look any better, but hey, a win is a win. The Saints have a lot of work to do to get back in the playoff picture, but at least Drew Brees will have amazing stats no matter what. – NB

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A trip to San Francisco coming off a bye week is a nice spot to be in. – RH

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: David Johnson is unreal right now. Why was this guy a backup for most of last season again? He is clearly the real deal and the Cardinals should keep riding him as they try to climb back to the playoff picture (especially since Carson Palmer looks like damaged goods). DJ and the Cards have a much tougher matchup this week though, as the Legion of Boom and the rest of Seattle comes to the desert. – NB

Los Angeles Rams: I would say that’s the Rams team we all know and love, but it kind of wasn’t. Instead of losing 13-10 like they normally would in this spot they actually scored points and a decent amount of them. Kenny Britt is playing like it’s 2010 and Case Keenum’s mission in life is to not let any of us see what Jared Goff has. The Rams Week 7 trip to London is the NFL’s ultimate way of proving to us that we really will watch any game they put on. Fans around the country will be setting their alarms to wake up and watch a battle of the two most frustrating and inconsistent teams in the league when L.A. faces the Giants. – RH

San Francisco 49ers: Pack it in. The 49ers and the Browns should have to play each other every week and let everybody else get on with the season. Kaepernick did not look incredible but wasn’t terrible either and apparently did enough for a second audition. Congratulations? At least Torrey Smith benefitted. – JC

Seattle Seahawks: It took a fourth quarter rally, but the Seahawks moved to 4-1 and are probably again the class of the NFC West, although Arizona may be rounding into form as well. Jimmy Graham is finally playing up to par and it has made a big difference for the offense. Beating Atlanta was big building momentum into a pivotal game in Arizona. – JC

-Nick Bair, Jordan Curet, and Randy Haines

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