AFC Week 10 Hot Takes

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: They’re off this week so I assume the Ryan brothers were drinking beers in the parking lot. – Jordan Curet

Miami Dolphins: After crushing this team for two months they have forced me to finally give them some credit. Four wins in a row no matter how it’s done or who it’s against is impressive. Jay Ajayi is a legit back, Adam Gase has started to figure things out and even Ryan Tannehill looks competent (after I sold all my Tannehill stock). The Phins stay in California for another week with another winnable game against the Rams on the slate. – Randy Haines

New England Patriots: The Seahawks got their revenge on the Pats after the Super Bowl two years ago. In some poetic irony, the PAts couldn’t score from the goal line and it cost them the game. Still, New England will keep that Super Bowl ring and is still in prime position to win another one this season. – Nick Bair

New York Jets: I told everyone to not watch a snap of the Jets/Rams game, if you did shame on you. The Jets were just as bad as advertised and continue to look worse every week. A much needed bye is on tap for the Jets and their fans. – RH

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: First place! Who cares if it meant beating down the Browns again in bright purple uniforms. This season has not been pretty, but I’ll take sitting in first place as we get into the home stretch. The Ravens have a tough matchup in Dallas this week, but if their stout run defense can stop Zeke, they have a good shot to leave with a win. – NB

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals really let one slip away Monday night against the Giants. However they are still only a game and a half behind Baltimore for first in the division and play the Ravens twice over the final seven games of the season. Cincy’s offensive line crumbled with the game on the line against a pretty bad Giants pass rush that had the least amount of sacks in football entering the game. This team just might not be good this year – RH

Cleveland Browns: The Ravens handled business in what could have been a trap game Thursday night and the Browns … well the Browns were on the field. They were there, at the game. They were even winning at one point! I swear. – JC

Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steel Curtain is dead. Pittsburgh has one of the most atrocious defenses in the league. Zeke Elliot stomped the once vaunted Steeler D over and over and over again Sunday. As good as their offense can be, Pittsburgh is going nowhere this season until they fix their sinkhole of a defense. – NB

AFC South

Houston Texans: A win is a win right? Brock Osweiler managed to throw for just 99 yards on 27 pass attempts. There’s really nothing else you can say about this team as long as Osweiler is putting up numbers like that. They will probably host a playoff game and get blown out by one of the AFC West teams. New year, same team. – RH

Indianapolis Colts: Bye week, but I think they might be scared of the Titans now? Maybe? – JC

Jacksonville Jaguars: Deadspin said it best “The Most Blake Bortles Play Blake Bortles ever Bortled”. Your 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars! – NB

Tennessee Titans: Don’t sleep on the Titans! Tennessee came out rolling against the Pack Sunday and never let their foot off the gas pedal, scoring a crazy 47 points against Green Bay! The Titans are now a game back of the Texans for first place and they pass the eye test as a real football team with real quarterback. They need to win in Indy this week to show that they truly belong. – NB

AFC West

Denver Broncos: Well, was that exciting enough for you? This Denver team scraps for wins and running back the point-after attempt to win the game is probably the most difficult way to get it done. But, wow, was that fun to watch. They’re still third in the AFC West after the Chiefs won but are well on their way to another trip to the playoffs. – JC

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs keep doing what they do. They won this game ugly and that’s just the way they like it. A home game in Week 11 against Tampa Bay will help keep this well oiled machine rolling. – RH

Oakland Raiders: A nice bye week for the surging Raiders. They will have to keep the momentum going now that the Chiefs have tied them for the division lead. – NB

San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers had a pretty epic fourth quarter meltdown basically losing the game for San Diego by himself and putting their season on life support. The Media will kill Rivers this week, but I’m giving him a pass. Number 17 has single handled won a lot more game for the Chargers than he’s lost over the years. – RH

-Nick Bair, Jordan Curet, and Randy Haines

Photo Credit: Fresh News Now


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