AFC Week 13 Hot Takes

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: Somehow, the Bills are still in the playoff race (but barely), even after their loss to the Raiders this week. The defense is no longer something to be feared and there isn’t another offensive coordinator to fire this week as a scapegoat. Instead, the blame has to fall squarely on Rex’s brother, Rob. That might be a bad Christmas in the Ryan household. – Jordan Curet

Miami Dolphins: LOL. What a great performance from a “surging” team that is a Super Bowl contender. This team is one of the fakest “contenders” this league has seen in a long time. Sure it is hard to win football games in the NFL and winning six in a row is a feat that should be recognized by the league but sometimes you need to actually at the body of work and the teams that they beat. The only legitimate win in that 6 game win streak was the win over Pittsburgh. But even that win was tainted. Big Ben was hurt early in that game and was trying to play through an injured knee for parts of the game before giving way to Landry Jones. I am also still LOLing at Ryan Tannehill’s contract. That guy is NOT good. I do not know what people see in him. He consistently makes bad decision after bad decision. He threw 3 INTs yesterday and he had no business making any of those throws. He also took two bad sacks. On the play where was sacked by Matt Judon he scrambled out of the pocket and then just ran into the guy’s arms. Oh and that defense that everyone was hyping up heading into the game. L. O. L. They allowed 38 points to the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, the Baltimore Ravens, a team that averages 21 points a game and can’t get out of it’s own way. I will give the Phins some credit with Jay Ajayi. He only carried the ball 12 times but gained 61 yards against a very stout Baltimore rush defense. Don’t look for things to get better for the Phins in the coming weeks. After a home matchup with Arizona, they finish the season with 3 divisional games. Don’t expect this team to still be in the talks of even being a playoff contender. LOL. – Sean Demetrakis

New England Patriots: Belichick vs. Fisher? This one was over before it started. The Pats need to keep winning to keep pace with Oakland for the top seed in the AFC (and of course home field advantage). New England welcomes the surging Ravens to Foxboro this Monday night. – Nick Bair

New York Jets: A new low point in 2016 for the Jets. Getting blown out at home on Monday Night Football to a half empty stadium. It only took 13 weeks, but we are now free of having to watch Ryan Fitzpatrick attempt to play football. Now Bryce Petty may not be any better, but he at least offers a small glimpse of hope unlike the human pick six. – Randy Haines

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: As you can see from the Miami hot take, the Ravens laid the smackdown on the “pretender” Dolphins this week. The Ravens dominated every facet of the game. Flacco had his best game of the year, the defense would have had a shutout if not for a turnover by the offense, and Justin Tucker hit another 50+ yard bomb. Baltimore is in a tight race for the AFC North, but they are definitely the kind of team no one wants to face right now or in January. – NB

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals waited until their season was over to finally play their first complete football game of the season. Congrats Marvin. – RH

Cleveland Browns: You and I both don’t care that they had a bye this week. They have the Bengals and Bills next up, both with a mild shot at an upset. – JC

Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers kept pace in the AFC North thanks to a classic bad Eli game. Pittsburgh got out to a quick lead due to a great defensive performance and letting the other team beat themselves. Pittsburgh is another team that looks to be finding their stride late in the season. They will put their hot streak to the test this week against Rex and the Bills. – NB

AFC South

Houston Texans: The Texans are still somehow in first place in their division and probably still the frontrunner to win it. I’m really not sure how that’s possible considering they look closer to the Browns than they do the Patriots most weeks. – RH

Indianapolis Colts: That was an absolute butt-kicking of the Jets. Now the Colts can see what it looks like when Andrew Luck gets some protection and time in the pocket. Too bad they can’t play New York every week. – JC

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars lost. – NB

Tennessee Titans: A very late bye week for the Titans, but with the Texans losing, they are now tied for first place! – NB

AFC West

Denver Broncos: Other than getting a notch in the “W” column, there are no accolades for winning ugly against the Jags. This is a team scrapping for wins to stay in the playoff race but with the Chiefs and others surging, I wouldn’t count on it. – JC

Kansas City Chiefs: Two words: Eric. Berry. The Chiefs are back on track with two impressive and entertaining wins in a row. They have a huge showdown with Oakland on Thursday night with the division lead up for grabs. – RH

Oakland Raiders: Another week, another Raiders win. If the season ended right now, I would have no problem if Derek Carr was voted MVP, Khalil Mack was voted DPOY, and the Raiders were the #1 seed in the AFC. They also have the most entertaining punter in the NFL in Marquette King, who joins Justin Tucker as the rare Special Teams player you actually tune in to watch. – NB

San Diego Chargers: A tough loss for the Chargers that officially ends their season. 2017 should have a much better outlook with the emergence of Melvin Gordon and Joey Bosa. They will also have the benefit of sharing a stadium with the Rams who will make them look even better by comparison. – RH

-Nick Bair, Jordan Curet, Sean Demetrakis, and Randy Haines

Photo Credit: Palm Beach Post


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