AFC Week 14 Hot Takes

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: I think we may be seeing the end of the Rex Ryan era in the NFL, at least for a little while. A team that can’t play defense isn’t going to win with Tyrod Taylor at the helm and now Ryan won’t even endorse him as the Bill’s leader. And do you know what would be a sure-thing to guarantee Rex’s exit? A loss to the Browns next week. – Jordan Curet

Miami Dolphins: Poor Ryan Tannehill. He has his issues, but he’s proved this year that he is a starting caliber quarterback in the NFL. For him to go down with Dolphins playoff lives on the line these next three weeks is really devastating. We’ve been mean to the Phins here at H&H this year and although we do not regret one second of it, we will give Miami a pass this week – Randy Haines

New England Patriots: Tom Brady > everyone in the AFC. While the Patriots have some flaws as a team, Brady can cover so many of them up that it makes them the favorites again this year in the playoffs. They will have their toughest road test of the year this week traveling to Denver. Maybe they can get some revenge after the AFC Championship loss last year. We know the Patriots are gunning for home field this year. – Nick Bair

New York Jets: Everything was going the Jets way in the first half on Sunday against the Niners. Bryce Petty and the offense couldn’t move the ball while the defense was in the process of allowing Carlos Hyde to rack up 200 total yards of offense on them. The Jets were all but a lock to lose another game keeping pace with the Bears and sitting just behind the Jags and Niners in the draft order. Then Bilal Powell did things no one knew he could do (145 yards on the ground), Bryce Petty started to look competent and the Jets came back to win in overtime. The Jets continue to screw up everything about their 2016 season. – RH

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: Ugh stupid Patriots. Valiant comeback effort by Flacco and company last night, but just too little too late. That loss puts the Ravens a game back of the Steelers in the AFC North. The pressure is on these last three weeks, but the good news is that the Ravens already beat the Steelers once this year. So if they can beat them again in Week 16, they will have a really good chance to win the division. They need to take care of business at home against the Eagles this week first though. – NB

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals waited until their season was over before finally starting to win some games. Cincy could have pulled a quick end of season tank and ended up with a top 8 pick in the draft, but of course Marvin lose can’t even suck correctly. Since Jeff Fisher was put out to pasture yesterday can we finally let Marvin Lewis join him? Also can someone tell Adam Jones if he’s going to call out another player maybe he should pick on someone who isn’t on the worst team in league history and who just didn’t change positions just two years ago. – RH

Cleveland Browns: They suck. We’re still talking about them? They threw a flea flicker out of the end zone that resulted in an interception. They do not give a crap and neither should you. – JC

Pittsburgh Steelers: Le’veon Bell. Sooooooo good. Bell put the team (and plenty of fantasy owners) on his back against the Bills. Bell had 236 rushing yards, 62 receiving yards, and 3 touchdowns to boot. I’m still worried about Ben’s road woes, but if Bell can keep this pace up, they won’t even need to pass it in down the stretch. – NB

AFC South

Houston Texans: Hey a win is a win. I’ll admit I was rooting for the Colts on Sunday as I have no interest in seeing this Texans team host a playoff game. The Titans and Colts are just as flawed as Houston but those teams are at least fun to watch. I’ve seen high school teams more entertaining than this version of the Houston Texans. – RH

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts are NOT OUT OF THE PLAYOFF RACE despite consistently putting Luck in harm’s way. For once, Goodell, do something good with your life and ban this team from the playoffs until they get their ish together. A week removed from beating up on the terrible Jets, the Colts returned to their true selves by failing to protect Luck and being generally pretty bad in a loss to the Texans. And yeah, the Texans have a decent defense but letting that team put up 22 is sad. – JC

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars lost again. – NB

Tennessee Titans: The Titans are legit. I had plenty of doubts about this team early in the season, but they have proven me wrong. They just beat the defending Super Bowl champs in a slugfest at home in a game they really needed to win. That is what good teams do. I really hope the Titans can win the AFC South, as they are actually fun to watch unlike the tepid Texans. They have another big test this week as they travel to the red hot Chiefs. – NB

AFC West

Denver Broncos: HA! Trevor Siemian threw 51 (!!!!) times in a loss to the Titans. 51!!! The dude JUST returned from injury and the Broncos allegedly have a good run game, but instead they put it to their rookie quarterback. Fail. I don’t think Denver actually wants to make the playoffs anyway, but c’mon, at least pretend. – JC

Kansas City Chiefs: The Kansas City Chiefs are in the driver’s seat in the AFC West after sweeping the Oakland Raiders. Tyreek Hill isn’t the easiest guy in the league to root for considering his off field issues, but there is no denying he is a very special player on the field. If Jeremy Maclin can get healthy by playoff time, the trio of Maclin, Hill and tight end Travis Kelce (who is officially the funniest player in the league) form as dynamic a group as any team in the AFC has to offer. – RH

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders stumbled last Thursday for the first time in what feels like forever. Derek Carr had a rough outing, but the Raiders will have better games. Latavius Murray continues to run well, and they should be sure to keep feeding him the rock in these cold December games. The Raiders might not be able to win take the West, but a Wild Card spot is a pretty good consolation for this team. – NB

San Diego Chargers: Add Melvin Gordon and Joey Bosa to the mile long list of important Chargers players who have suffered injuries this season. San Diego has quietly built a solid roster over the last few seasons and they still have Philip Rivers. This could be a team to watch out for in 2017 assuming they get some better injury luck, but as for 2016 they are toast. – RH

-Nick Bair, Jordan Curet, and Randy Haines

Photo Credit: Berkshire Eagle


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