NFC Week 14 Hot Takes

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: Here comes a week full of talking heads saying how Tony Romo should be Dallas’ starting quarterback. Now Dak did have a pretty bad game on Sunday there is no debating that, but he is you know a rookie and rookies are going to have growing pains. Jerry Jones needs to be locked away and not say another word about this situation until the season is over, as usual him speaking is only making things worse. The Cowboys chose this path to go down and they cannot turn back now. – Randy Haines

New York Giants: Not the prettiest game on the planet, but beating the Cowboys is always a good thing for the Giants. Beating Dallas when they’re they are running away with the NFC and to keep your playoff hopes alive? That’s the dream right there. And to put a cherry on top, they’ve managed to create a quarterback controversy for their rivals in their wake. Not a bad day at the office. – Jordan Curet

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles currently have a 0.00002% chance of making the playoffs which is pretty cool considering the odds of any Eagles wide receiver other than Jordan Matthews actually making a play is also 0.00002%. I will be at my second Eagles game in row this weekend hoping for different results this time, but knowing deep down this team is still a year or two away. – RH

Washington Redskins: LOLEagles. Poor Randy traveled up to this game just to see a classic Eagles loss in the 4th Quarter. The Redskins didn’t play their best game, but they made some big plays when it mattered most. Washington remains in the Wild Card hunt, but it didn’t help that most every team ahead of them won this week as well. They will need to just keep winning and hope someone else falls off so they can make the playoffs. The Skins can’t let the Nats and Caps do ALL of the playoff choking this year (pours one out for the Wizards), they want their chance too. – Nick Bair

NFC North

Chicago Bears: Great loss by the Bears. They kept the game close and respectable, but the most important thing right now is getting that high draft pick. In other good news, they will get Alshon back this week as he tries to redeem himself and earn a big offseason contract. I personally hope Alshon goes off and gets paid… by some other team this offseason who can better use his talents. – NB

Detroit Lions: The Lions continue to survive close games and are super well positioned in the NFC North…but of course Detroit can’t have nice things. The Packers are red hot and staying right on the tails of the Lions. Detroit does have a 2 game lead, but they still have a head to head matchup in Week 17. The Lions travel to the Giants and Cowboys before hosting Green Bay. Don’t celebrate yet Detroit, a regular season choke job is right there for the taking. – NB

Green Bay Packers: We are BACK! Or at least, we are still alive. Which is worth celebrating. Plus, Green Bay hates Seattle so that was extra sweet. Now, I know Mike McCarthy is saying all you can worry about it your own team finishes, but you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think he has a little cheese voodoo doll in his office of Matthew Stafford he’s poking at in his free time. Going to be a real interesting three weeks in Packer land. – JC

Minnesota Vikings: Trailing Jacksonville at the start of the fourth quarter is never a good spot to be in, but the Vikings rallied and got their first road win since September. It won’t be easy and nothing this team does is ever pretty, but Minnesota still has a shot at the playoffs and oddly enough the division if Detroit begins to stumble. Adrian Peterson has his eyes on a Week 16 return which would be a much needed boost to a lackluster offense. – RH

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: Is it a good win if you’re playing a team that doesn’t try? Atlanta needed this to keep pace in the NFC South but if they had found a way to lose to the Rams, they deserved to be eliminated. They get another soft game against the 49ers before finishing with two division games. If they choke now, it’ll be their own fault. – JC

Carolina Panthers: It’s possible for the Panthers to crawl to a borderline-respectable 8-8, which used to be good enough to win the NFC South. Sadly, that’s no longer the case for Cam and company. They can go out and play spoiler for all the teams they do have left though, so they should put on their bad guy hats and finish strong. – JC

New Orleans Saints: As much as I love Drew Brees…C’MON BRO. Two straight complete clunkers (0 TDs and 3 INTs back to back) have not only killed the Saints hopes, but also put his fantasy MVP season into jeopardy. Drew – I need you this week in the playoffs, it’s time to turn it around. Please. – NB

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Fire them cannons! The Bucs pulled out yet another win that allows them to control their own destiny in the NFC playoff race. Tampa Bay also owns the tiebreaker over the Giants, Vikings and Lions in the Wild Card race if they were to finish in a tie with any of those teams. It’s not quite that simple however as Jameis and company will travel to Dallas in Week 15 before finishing up the season in division against the Saints and Panthers. Buckle your seatbelts everyone. – RH

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals: Arizona can officially start planning for 2017. A handful of somewhat hilarious mishaps in the kicking game allowed Miami to defend their soggy home turf, and send the Cardinals back to the desert to dry off. The Cardinals need to be careful not to overuse David Johnson so that he is ready to carry the team next season. If Carson Palmer is done, Arizona also needs to figure out what to at the QB position. It will be a long offseason, thats for sure. – NB

Los Angeles Rams: The Los Angeles Rams finally did what they should’ve done a long time ago and fired head coach Jeff Fisher. Now it’s messed up to say that someone losing their job gives a team a brighter future, but that really is the case here. Even though the Rams had to fire Fisher, did they really have to fire him three days before the team’s next game?!?! That’s a firing the Browns are even mocking. Twitter has been great already this week when it comes the Fisher firing, expect at least another week’s worth of goodness from this situation. – RH

San Francisco 49ers: It’s time for our fun weekly game of, did you know that the 49ers played this week? If you said yes, obviously, they played at 1:00 PM EST, you would be WRONG! They played at 4:05 EST this week in a who-can-suck-less-fest against the Jets that ended in an OT win for the team from New York. If this game was shown on television, you should ask for your money back. Thanks for playing, stop by again next week. Or don’t. No one will notice either way. – JC

Seattle Seahawks: I love that this Seattle team goes from one extreme to the other. Want a tough win over an (alleged) good opponent? Sure, we’ll take care of the Falcons in a close one. Want an embarrassing disaster against a rival team? Yep, Russell Wilson will throw five picks en route to a 38-10 loss to the Packers. No one knows if this team is any good and you shouldn’t bet on the decent version showing up for the playoffs over the terrible one. – JC

-Nick Bair, Jordan Curet, and Randy Haines

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