Week 16 NFL Picks

Thursday, Dec. 22

New York Giants (-2.5) at Philadelphia Eagles

NB: New York Giants. I think the G Men stamp their playoff berth with a nice win going into the holidays. The Eagles have been exposed in the latter half of the year, especially on offense.

RH: Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are playing hard right now plus they are getting Lane Johnson back this week. Taking the homedog in an NFC East matchup is always a good play.

Saturday, Dec. 24

Washington Redskins (-3) at Chicago Bears

NB: Chicago Bears. The Bears have played pretty well with Matt Barkley. And the Redskins are traveling on a pretty short week (Monday night to Saturday afternoon). The Skins need this game a whole lot more, but I think the home underdog keeps it frisky.

RH: Chicago Bears. The Bears could have easily won against Green Bay last week and I think they keep their good play rolling against Washington.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (-3.5)

NB: Buffalo Bills. I will always take the home team when the Dolphins travel North in the cold of December.

RH: Miami Dolphins. I might regret betting on Matt Moore, but I think playing Cleveland last week made people forget how bad the Bills have been struggling over the last month.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints (-3)

NB: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Still salty about Brandin Cooks.

RH: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I do not get this line at all. I’m not saying the Saints can’t win this one, but they should not be favored as if these two teams are even.

Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) at Carolina Panthers

NB: Atlanta Falcons. It’s time for the best offense in the NFL to punch their playoff ticket with a statement over the reigning NFC Champs.

RH: Atlanta Falcons. I keep waiting for the Falcons to stumble and they just aren’t even without Julio Jones. Panthers keep this one close, but not quite close enough.

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers (-6.5)

NB: Green Bay Packers. It is setting up well for a winner take all game next week when the Pack head to Detroit. The poor Vikings can’t even get excited about getting a better draft pick.

RH: Green Bay Packers. Stick a fork in the Vikings for 2017.

New York Jets at New England Patriots (-16.5)

NB: New England Patriots. I really hope Hack finally gets some playing time. The only reason I want to watch this game.

RH: New England Patriots. It is crazy seeing a number this high and swallowing the points in this situation, but that’s just where we are at with gambling in 2016.

Tennessee Titans (-5) at Jacksonville Jaguars

NB: Tennessee Titans. I’ve been riding Tennessee for a few weeks now. And they have really paid off. Let’s keep the good vibes going against a coach-less Jags team.

RH: Tennessee Titans. I’m really tempted to take the Jags here. I like the switch from Gus Bradley to Doug Maronne (or switching to anyone from Gus for that matter), but Blake Bortles is still the starter and he might be the worst quarterback in the league now that he outlasted Brock Osweiler as a starting QB.

San Diego Chargers (-6) at Cleveland Browns

NB: San Diego Chargers. The Browns are on a ridiculous loss streak ATS, are 0-7 ATS at home this year, and  they haven’t won a game straight up since 2015. All of that should continue.

RH: Cleveland Browns. This is the Browns Super Bowl (LOL). Their last home and their last reasonable chance to win a game. They give San Diego all they can handle in this one.

Indianapolis Colts at Oakland Raiders (-3.5)

NB: Indianapolis Colts. The Raiders are 11-3 ATS this season. I expect that to come back to the mean these last two weeks. If not, get ready to bet big against them in the playoffs.

RH: Oakland Raiders. I will not buy into this Colts team. I will not buy into this Colts team. I will not buy into this Colts team.

San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams (-3.5)

NB: Los Angeles Rams. What a trash game. Take the home team and move on.

RH: San Francisco 49ers. Do not watch a second of this game even if your fantasy championship has players in this game. Take the points and once again, do not watch.

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks (-8.5)

NB: Seattle Seahawks. I think Seattle wants to make a statement here against the wannabe Super Bowl contenders from the preseason.

RH: Seattle Seahawks. The Cardinals are falling apart at the seams and there is a little Bruce Arians could get fired buzz going on right now.

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans (-1.5)

NB: Cincinnati Bengals. Getting points against Brock Osweiler’s backup? The Texans have had Tom Savage for years. There is a reason he has been on the bench. He isn’t a savior.

RH: Houston Texans. I have no reason as to why I’m picking the Texans other than they still have something to play for and the Bengals gave it their all last week against Pittsburgh.

Sunday, Dec. 25

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (-5)

NB: Baltimore Ravens. The spread should never be larger than 3 in a game between the Ravens and Steelers.

RH: Baltimore Ravens. Really surprised by how high this line is. I’ll take Baltimore here and hope the Ravens run defense from the first 14 weeks of the season shows up this week and not the one that just gave up 150 yards on the ground to Ryan Mathews and Byron Marshall last week.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs (-4)

NB: Denver Broncos. I don’t expect the Broncos to go quietly into the night. They have at least one more big win in them.

RH: Denver Broncos. This line is just a tick high. Denver puts it all on the line in this one.

Monday, Dec. 26

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys (-7)

NB: Dallas Cowboys. The Lions’ choke job continues in Big D this week. Poor Detroit.

RH: Detroit Lions. Detroit is really struggling, but they not this bad. They should be able to keep this one close enough to cover.

Season Record:

NB: 113-105-6 (8-7-1 last week)

RH: 92-126-6 (6-9-1 last week)

-Nick Bair & Randy Haines

Odds according to Westgate Las Vegas

Photo credit: The Buffalo News



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