AFC Week 16 Hot Takes

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: The end of the season is a tough time for teams, especially those that were in the playoff race just a few weeks ago and are now facing a letdown season. The Bills actually battled Miami to play spoiler, but got outlasted in overtime. Now the Dolphins are into the postseason and the Bills are still the saddest team in the NFL. – Jordan Curet

Miami Dolphins: I’m not really sure how they’ve gotten here, but the Miami Dolphins are in the playoffs. In the preseason, I said the Dolphins had the potential to have themselves a really good run blocking offensive line and boy do they ever. Add in the fact that Jay Ajayi just might be a beast and the Dolphins are actually going to be a tough out for whoever plays them in Round 1. Matt Moore is probably starting a playoff game, what a time to be alive. – Randy Haines

New England Patriots: Not much to speak to hear. Mostly just LOLJETS. The real story for the Pats wasn’t their game, which was over almost before it began, but instead the injuries to the teams around them, particularly Oakland losing Derek Carr. The stage is pretty set for New England to go to yet another Super Bowl. Can anyone in the AFC hang with them? As of right now, it’s not looking like it. – Nick Bair

New York Jets: The Jets are terrible. Kicking a field goal down 41-0? Sick life Todd Bowles. – RH

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: Look, this is an easy time to have a bunch of hot takes on how the Ravens need to change things up across the organization and team to get back to the contender level. I feel the opposite way. Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the league and I think any change would be a step backwards. The defense made great strides this year and started to look like the menacing force of the early and mid 2000’s. The offense needs to get better obviously, but there are enough pieces there to continue to build on. You can’t get rid of Flacco, but you can focus more on the running game. If Dixon/West/etc. aren’t the answer at RB, then go and draft or sign one this offseason. Otherwise, I see this team (that was one yard away from making the playoffs basically) trending upwards in 2017. – NB

Cincinnati Bengals: The undermanned Bengals fought hard on national TV and still managed to improve their draft position (insert hand clap emoji). – RH

Cleveland Browns: THEY WON!!!!!! A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!! 2016 wasn’t a complete and total disaster. – JC

Pittsburgh Steelers: As a Ravens fans, that game really tried to ruin Christmas. The Steelers offense is great though. Le’veon Bell is an absolute beast and AB made the play of the year getting that ball across the goal line. Also, Pittsburgh has the only QB in the playoffs that will really scare Belichick and the Pats. They are the only team I can see upsetting the Pats in the AFC. Having said that, their defense is swiss cheese and will have to improve mightily to compete for a title. – NB

AFC South

Houston Texans: Our national nightmare has come true, the Houston Texans are in the playoffs. Tom Savage will be starting a home playoff game, what a time to be alive – RH

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts are out of the playoffs, lost to the Raiders, and somehow allowed Houston to win the division. Certainly one of this country’s biggest issues is rescuing Andrew Luck from his prison. Let us all hope this happens sooner rather than later. – JC

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags won and Bortles looked competent! They finally threw it to A Rob! But, they injured Mariota. C’mon guys. – NB

Tennessee Titans: Insult and injury for the Titans. Coming into the game, Tennessee was full of promise, riding a hot streak and nipping at the Texans’ tail in the AFC South. That all changed when rising star QB Marcus Mariota broke his leg. That ended most of their hopes right there. Then they lost the game to the lowly Jags. Then the Bengals blew it against the Texans and sealed Houston’s playoff trip. A super tough weekend in the Music City, but a lot to build on for next year. – NB

AFC West

Denver Broncos: Well, after a good start the wheels are officially all the way off of the Broncos’ wagon. From Super Bowl Champs to missing the playoffs. At least they have Carolina for company. – JC

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs did all of America a favor Christmas night by finally putting an end to the overachieving Broncos in spectacular fashion. Here’s an idea, instead of having games end in ties we should just have each team’s starting nose tackle try and throw a goal line jump pass to see who wins. Who wouldn’t want to see that? With all the quarterback injuries that have happened over the last few weeks Alex Smith is the third best quarterback in the AFC playoffs. 2016 cannot not end soon enough. – RH

Oakland Raiders: In most other circumstances, I would say losing your MVP caliber QB in Week 16 would be the death rights on your season. HOWEVER, look who is coming in… Mr. MOXIE himself, Matt McGloin! This guy went from a walk-on at Penn State to an NFL caliber backup to now the starter on the 2nd best team in the AFC. McGloin has a little Brett Favre in him. He thinks he can make any play and definitely won’t be scared of the moment. He is the perfect fit for this Raiders’ team right now and will atleast give them a chance in the playoffs. – NB

San Diego Chargers: There are no more words to describe this Chargers season. Losing to the Browns is unacceptable for a team with as much talent as San Diego even despite all their injuries. At least they helped their draft pick? – RH

-Nick Bair, Jordan Curet, and Randy Haines

Photo Credit: Sports Reactors



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