NFL Championship Weekend Picks

Sunday, January 22

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons (-5)

NB: Atlanta Falcons. Week 3 of me doubting Aaron Rodgers. Seems pretty foolish, however the Falcons have been just as hot on offense as the Packers. I know it’s easy to doubt Matty Ice considering his previous playoff record, but this offense is rolling on all cylinders. The two headed monster of Freeman and Coleman in the backfield should shred the Packers D and we all know Julio Jones is foaming at the mouth to battle their depleted secondary. Rodgers will still get his, but I think it’s finally time for the losses of players like Jordy Nelson and Eddie Lacy to finally catch up with the Pack. I’m probably wrong about this, but I think the Falcons make Sunday the greatest (and final) day in Georgia Dome history. Atlanta Falcons 35. Green Bay Packers 27.

RH: Green Bay Packers. I cannot wait for this one. Two of the hotter offenses you’ll ever see with no real defense standing in the way on either side. I expect this game to be a back and forth nail biter likely coming down to the last possession or two. Is it weird I trust the head coach with one playoff game under his belt more than the guy with a Super Bowl ring? Dan Quinn isn’t perfect by any means (remember the San Diego game?) but Mike McCarthy has a pretty long history of making stupid decisions in crucial moments. I see another blunder on the horizon. Atlanta Falcons 31. Green Bay Packers 30.

Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots (-6)

NB: Pittsburgh Steelers. This is not the super dominant Patriots team we have seen in the past. Yes, they are very good and efficient on offense, but they have also benefitted from a pretty weak schedule all season. The last time a contender came into Foxboro? Russell Wilson and the Seahawks lit up the Pats. Pittsburgh has a QB who (despite his recent road struggles) can win a Championship Game on the road. They also have the best running back in the game right now who they can lean on in the short passing game as well. And I bet AB can’t wait to get on the field to make up for his bone headed video. Now, New England is going to get theirs too, but I think Bud Dupree and James Harrison can make Brady just uncomfortable enough to keep this close. The Pats move on to the Super Bowl, but the Steelers keep it close. New England Patriots 28. Pittsburgh Steelers 24.

RH: New England Patriots. Am I the only one that hasn’t been very impressed with Pittsburgh during their 9 game win streak? Yes I understand winning 9 straight in the NFL is extremely hard to do, but if you look back they’ve had several close games against some non playoff teams that could have gone either way. Their largest margins of victory during the streak were against the Browns, Colts and Dolphins. Indy and Miami were using backup QB’s in those games and the Browns are the Browns. Let’s not forget they just played an entire football game with Le’veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Big Ben on the field yet failed to score even one touchdown. There is just something off about this team and to me they do not feel like a true championship team. Pats pull away late in this one. New England Patriots 31. Pittsburgh Steelers 20.

Playoff Record:

NB: 3-5 (1-3 last week)

RH: 4-4 (2-2 last week)

Regular Season Record:

NB: 125-124-7

RH: 107-142-7

-Nick Bair & Randy Haines

Odds according to Westgate Las Vegas

Photo credit: Bleacher Report


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