Super Bowl LI Hot Takes

New England Patriots 34, Atlanta Falcons 28

We are still living the United States of Brady. Brady was probably already the GOAT going into this game, but now he leaves as the undisputed GOAT with 5 Super Bowl titles. More then Montana, more than Bradshaw, and more than both Manning brothers combined. His coach Bill Belichick will also go down as the greatest coach in NFL history. Truly a great organization up and down to have a dynasty like this. Congratulations to the Patriots.

Now, let’s talk about the real story: the Falcons had the biggest NFL choke job of all time. No team had ever blown more than a 10 point Super Bowl lead, and the Falcons somehow blew a 25 point lead! There were just so many inexcusable decisions from Ryan/Quinn/Shanahan. Why not run the ball more in the 4th Quarter? How do you not get a FG attempt when you have a first down inside the 25 yard line? Why do you hold on every play? How do you have zero timeouts left with 2 minutes to go when you have been leading all game? Why do you throw a 3 yard pass in the middle of the field with no timeouts and waste 20 seconds? The Falcons had the game won and decided to just give it away again and again. This loss will hover over Atlanta for years. I don’t think the organization will be able to recover anytime soon.

Looking forward, the Patriots will be the favorite to win the title once again next year. It remains to be seen if any AFC team can compete with them after the Steelers, Chiefs, and others wilted in the playoffs. In the NFC, a gluttony of teams should be in playoff competition next year and it would not surprise me if the Falcons follow the Panthers in going from the Super Bowl to out of the playoffs.

Random things I enjoyed: Julio Jones, Chris Hogan getting a ring (We Are!), Goodell getting booed, that rad Kangaroo commercial, The Schuyler Sisters, Joe Buck (surprisingly)

Random things I did not enjoy: The Falcons choking, Lady Gaga not doing anything newsworthy, Sexy Mr. Clean, Atlanta being up 25 and somehow not covering the +3 spread

-Nick Bair

Photo Credit: Quartz


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