Head & Heart Sports 2017-18 NBA Predictions

Eastern Conference Playoff Teams:

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NBA Mock Draft 2017

The NBA offseason has been 100% bananas since last Friday when rumblings began of a Sixers-Celtics trade for the top pick in the draft. Since then, we have seen a few big trades already happen (Philly nabbing the top pick, Russell to Brooklyn, Dwight to Charlotte) and a few superstars being dangled as trade bait by their teams (Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Love, and somehow Kristaps Porzingis).

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Warriors vs. Cavaliers III

NB: Cavaliers in 6. A large part of me believes that the Warriors will sweep the Cavs and go fo’ fo’ fo’ fo’. Golden State obviously just laid waste to the West after destroying the league all season. They employ not one, not two, not three, but FOUR star players, including the last three MVP Award Winners (Durant in 2014, Curry in 2015 and 2016). The Dubs also have a huge chip on their shoulder after blowing the Finals last year after winning 73 games. You can look at the 2014 Spurs and and 2012 Heat as prime examples of teams going back to the Finals and winning the year after losing. Vegas also has the Warriors as heavy favorites (-255) and they didn’t get to build fancy hotels all over town by being wrong about these things.

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13 Reasons Why the Spurs Will Beat the Warriors


Quite literally the whole basketball world is picking the Warriors to beat the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals. It seems preordained that Warriors-Cavs III will be the NBA Finals matchup. I’m here to tell you that won’t happen. We will either be seeing Spurs-Cavs II or, if God wants me die happy, Spurs-Wizards I. Here are the 13 Reasons Why the San Antonio Spurs will beat the Golden State Warriors.

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NBA 2017 First Round Playoff Preview

The NBA playoffs have arrived! The regular season was fantastic, but it’s finally time for the real games to start. We preview all of the first round matchups and make old bold predictions for who will move on to Round 2.

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