Week 9 NFL Picks

Thursday, Nov. 2

Buffalo Bills (-3.5) at New York Jets

NB: Buffalo Bills. The Bills are pretty good! I swear.

RH: New York Jets. I continue to miss on the Bills this year and here I am back for more punishment. This has more to do with wanting to bet against a road favorite in division on a short week than it does the two teams, but who am I kidding. I still don’t believe in this Bills team.

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Week 8 NFL Picks

Thursday, Oct. 26

8:25 p.m. ET

Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens (-3)

NB: Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are killing me this year, but I’m not losing all hope quite yet. Although if they tank the rest of the way, Saquon would look great in purple.

RH: Miami Dolphins. Betting against the Ravens has worked out pretty well for me over the last month and I have no reason to think things will change on a short week. This team just isn’t good.

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Week 7 NFL Picks

Thursday, Oct. 19

Kansas City Chiefs (-3) at Oakland Raiders

NB: Oakland Raiders. Always love a home underdog, especially when the teams are familiar. This should be a tight one and I’ll take the points.

RH: Oakland Raiders. Oakland’s season is on the line in this one and despite how bad they’ve looked over the last month I’m not writing them off just yet.

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The Cost of Missing the World Cup and the Future of the USMNT

While it might be dramatic it seems that every day since the U.S. lost to Trinidad and Tobago 2-1, thus failing to qualify for the World Cup, has been a bad day. Granted, there are much, much worse problems in the world right now, but for those of us who watch every single U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team game, it is a really awful end to what was mostly a painful World Cup qualifying cycle. The result is a cost to be paid, by everyone from U.S. Soccer leadership to the players to the average fan, who I saw felt a lot of anger and disbelief and sadness. There will be no watching their team play against the world’s best next summer; however, that’s a minor thing compared to what others will pay.

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Week 6 NFL Picks

Thursday, Oct. 12

Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers (-3.5)

NB: Philadelphia Eagles. I don’t have a strong feel for this game, so I’ll play it safe and take the points. This should be a tight one.

RH: Philadelphia Eagles. In what appears to be a game of two evenly matched teams I’ll take the extra half point, but I’d probably stay away. The Eagles record with and without Lane Johnson is drastic and he is likely out for this one due to a concussion.

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Week 5 NFL Picks

Thursday, Oct. 5

8:25 p.m. ET

New England Patriots (-4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NB: New England Patriots. I can’t give up on New England quite yet. History has taught me not to doubt them.

RH: New England Patriots. I’ll blindly go with the Pats one more week, but their swiss cheese defense has me genuinely scared in this one.

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