Top Moms in Sports

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are some of the moms in sports that I admire most. 


  1. Wilma McNabb (Mother of Donovan McNabb)

Famously replaced an actress playing Donovan’s mom in a Chunky soup commercial so that she could play the role herself. She set a precedent for other athlete’s moms to do the same thing in their son’s commercials and other endorsements.

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Where Do the Wizards Go from Here?

Well that wasn’t very fun. What should have been the best Wizards team in at least a decade was a total failure, and a failure in a way only the Wizards could pull off. Oh yes, it was some real Wizardry alright, tricking their fans into thinking a coach, (the since fired Randy Wittman) who statistically had been one of the worst in the league history based upon winning percentage (36.9% entering the  season), had suddenly figured out which way to hold his clipboard and embraced a new way to coach basketball. If this piece was a season recap, it would be called “What the **** was that?”. But this is not about the past, this is about what the future holds for the unofficial NBA team at Head & Heart Sports, the Washington Wizards.

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Never Tell the Foxes the Odds

It has been said that the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. According to the BBC, Leicester City Football Club were 5,000 to 1 to win the Barclay’s Premier League this season. Things more likely to occur in the real world than Leicester, known as the Foxes, to become champions? Simon Cowell of American Idol fame becoming the Prime Minister of England (500 to 1) and the USA’s very own Kim Kardashian becoming president (2,000 to 1).

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Head & Heart NFL Draft Live Blog

Last night was the First Round of the NFL Draft. We at Head & Heart Sports decided that it was a good opportunity for our first live blog. We hope you enjoy our rapid reactions, hometown biases, and instant analysis on how the draft went down.

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Bryce Harper is Giving DC Hope Again

Washington sports fans are notoriously apathetic, and perhaps rightly so when you look at DC’s last two and a half decades of sports history. No major Washington sports team has won a title since the Redskins in 1991. The Capitals have had one of the most consistent teams in the NHL, but zero Stanley Cup appearances during the Alex Ovechkin era. The Wizards cannot seem to get out of their own way, even when a star like John Wall falls into their lap. The aforementioned Redskins have gone through years of futility since Dan Snyder took over as owner, ruining the career of their once transcendent star Robert Griffin III. Fans have seen their DC teams waste the careers of some of the best athletes in their respective sports, toiling in mediocrity hoping one finally breaks the cycle of let downs. Bryce Harper is here to break the cycle.

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NFL Mock Draft 2016

Welcome to Head & Heart Sports! We have been talking for some time about creating a blog to discuss our favorite sports insights, analysis, and scorching hot takes and here it is! This blog will cover a myriad of topics for the major professional and college sports and aims to be a fun, interactive site where numbers, analysis, and reason can merge with our fandom and inherent biases growing up as huge sports fans.

A quick background on us. We have been friends since 1st grade and argued about sports since we met on the playground. We still converse on a daily basis, mostly griping about our beloved Wizards perplexing moves and failures, but also arguing about all sports and the hot news of the day. One of us still thinks Vince Young can be a successful NFL Quarterback while the other thinks the Eagles could actually win a Super Bowl. Nonetheless, we hope this blog has more success than both of those pipe dreams.

Our first post revolves around one of our favorite nights of the year, the NFL Draft. The two of us went back and forth doing a Round One Mock Draft based on the team’s current draft positions (obviously subject to change with all of these recent trades). Randy took the top pick and we went back and forth with our projected picks and analysis from there. Hope you enjoy!

-Randy & Nick

1          Los Angeles Rams (acquired from Tennessee) – Jared Goff, QB, Cal

RH:      The Rams not only left St. Louis behind this offseason, but are also saying farewell to the Sam Bradford, Kellen Clemens, Austin Davis, Nick Foles and Case Keenum era. Otherwise known as the lock for six to eight wins a season and the “If only the Rams had a Quarterback” era. Goff will have your typical pressures of a number one pick, but will also have the pressure of a new city and his franchise giving up the farm to get him. If he hits, this team has the talent on defense to make the playoffs very quickly and kick off the “Hey, the Rams finally have a Quarterback” era.

NB:      Part of me hopes that the Rams take Ezekiel Elliott and create a 1960’s style 1-2 punch in their backfield. Having said that, Goff should be a good NFL player and can hopefully be the face of the new LA franchise.

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