National League Early Reactions

We’re not quite a quarter of the way through the baseball season, but there’s been plenty to talk about so far. Both World Series teams from 2016 are currently not in first place in their division, everyone is hurt, and dirt bike riding is the new least favorite activity among people in San Francisco. There’s still plenty of games left to be played, but we can learn a lot about teams through the first quarter of games. Let’s see who and what has caught my eye so far.

Also, check out the AL piece here if you missed it.

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St. Louis Cardinals 2017 Team Preview

2016 Recap: 86-76, 2nd in the NL Central. For the first time since 2010, the St. Louis Cardinals failed to make the postseason. The devil magic (I will be referencing the Cardinals use of devil magic a lot, that’s the only logical explanation for how they are so good every year) that has carried them throughout most of this century wasn’t quite enough to keep pace with the super Cubs in the NL Central. There was no one particular reason that you can point to and say exactly why the Cards didn’t make the postseason, they were in the top half of the league in runs scored and team ERA. They had a positive overall WAR at every position except third base (even that was barely negative at -0.1). They were just flat out not quite good enough. This offseason was about catching the Cubs and what better way to take catch another team then take one of their better players. Enter in leadoff man Dexter Fowler who should make an already deep Cardinals lineup even deeper in 2017.

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MLB National League Offseason Review

The calendar has officially turned to 2017 and that means it’s time to start talking some baseball. The NFL has been extra stupid this season with all the bad teams and quarterback injuries affecting the playoffs, meanwhile the Hot Stove reached some pretty high temperatures this winter. We broke down the American League yesterday and are back to do the same with the National League today.

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Arizona Cardinals 2016 Team Preview

In anticipation of the upcoming NFL season, Head & Heart Sports will feature one division each week until the season begins and preview each team’s 2016 outlook. This week we take a look at the NFC West, starting with the Arizona Cardinals today.

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Top Selling 2016 NFL Jerseys Breakdown

As we prepare for the 2016 NFL season, let us take a look at everyone’s favorite topic: NFL Jerseys. has their Top 25 jersey sales from the offseason (4/1 – 6/30) posted here along with a map showing who has the highest selling jersey in each state at the bottom of the list. If you want analysis on each of the top 25 selling jerseys with a touch of my own biases, you have come to the right spot. Let’s get started!

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Picking a New Favorite NFL Team, Part 2

Welcome back! I know all of you have been in eager anticipation for the second half of the “Picking a New Favorite NFL Team” countdown. For those who want a refresher of the first half, click here for the rundown on teams 32 through 17. As a review, the rankings are based on a mix of objective factors such as odds to win the Super Bowl and team popularity, and on my subjective rankings of fun players, good uniforms, and current fan base quality/amiability. The rankings of each of the five categories were averaged together to decide on the overall rankings.

Now that we have gotten the teams to avoid out of the way, it is time to discuss who you really should pick for your new team in 2016.

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